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Lace Bra CB8612


    Wired 3/4 Cup
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    A design inspired by beautiful blooming flowers, the wired 3/4 cup bra WB8612 is made for you with large busts.

    - An excellent choice for large busts.

    - The bra cup is specially divided and the inner lining is divided into three layers, upper, middle, and lower.

    - Push inward at the BP point to reduce the protrusion of the bra cup and allow the upper edge to fit more after wearing.

    - Enhances the side-push shaping effect.

    - A unique shape with large opening of the base cloth that makes it extremely suitable for large busts.

    - Super comfortable V-shape that avoids oversized protrusion.

    - Available in Grey and Pink colours

    Note: Actual product colour may vary from the colour shown on your monitor/ devices used